Translation versus Interpreting

Translation and interpreting are not the same thing! While many professional interpreters are translators and vice versa, translation and interpreting are two separate professions with different codes of ethics, educational requirements and certifications.



Rendering a written text from one language to another in writing.


Rendering a message orally, or in signed language, from one language into another.

In this inspiring video from the American Translators Association, translators and interpreters describe their reasons for joining the language industry. They also give examples of some fascinating and super specialized projects!


Translation facilitates written communication and disseminates knowledge across language barriers. Translators work in a variety of areas, among them:

  • Technical Translation (covers several sub-categories including Scientific and Technical Translation)

  • Financial Translation

  • Government Translation

  • Literary Translation

  • And many more!

Visit the American Translators Association (ATA) to learn more about the profession — or to find a translator!