Frequently Asked Questions About The Community Interpreter®

  • Is The Community Interpreter® a medical interpreting program?

    • Yes…but it’s also so much more! The Community Interpreter® was designed to address any one of, or all of, three target audiences: medical, educational and/or social services interpreters. Some of our trainers and we ourselves present all-medical sessions that include medical terminology training and others gear their programs to general community interpreting or a specialized audience, like educational interpreting. Our TCI sessions in Maryland cover medical, educational and social services interpreting.

  • What is your next training session?

    • CCC hosts a session of The Community Interpreter® every spring, summer and fall (April, July and October) along with many other programs. See our current training offerings.

    • Our licensed trainers also host their own trainings across 38 U.S. states, Washington DC, Guam and six other countries. Search for a trainer near you.

  • How much does it cost to attend The Community Interpreter®?

    • The sessions of The Community Interpreter® that we host in Maryland cost $690 (plus a $70 language testing fee for the most frequently tested languages. Other languages may have a higher cost.) The course fee includes:

    • Sessions of The Community Interpreter® hosted by our licensed trainers will vary in cost depending on the location and session.

  • Can I use the certificate I get for this program to apply for national medical interpreter certification in the U.S. through CCHI or IMIA/NBCMI?

    • Yes!

  • After I take the program, will I be certified?

    • No. A training program certificate is not the same as certification. In fact, in the U.S. the certificate for a 40-hour training program is a prerequisite to apply for national medical interpreter certification. In The Community Interpreter® we teach you about the difference between a certificate and certification. A good training is the beginning of certification, not the end, because after training you will need to take the written and oral exams of a properly credentialed certification program to become certified.

Do you still have questions?

Feel free to give us a call at +1 410-312-5599 or submit your questions through our website. We’ll be happy to clarify.