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Learn more about the leading training program in the U.S. for

medical, educational and social services interpreters!


To put it simply, THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER® International Edition is the only national training program in the U.S. for community interpreters. It is a program of the highest caliber, always up to date and based on the highest quality content and finest pedagogy in the field. It is designed to be delivered as either a 40- to 60-hour certificate program. It has also been adapted for longer programs by colleges and universities.


THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER® can be given as a medical interpreting program or geared for educational, social services or general community interpreting, as needed. That flexibility is unique.


Developed by Cross-Cultural Communications (CCC), THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER® has licensed trainers in 35 U.S. states, Washington, DC, Guam and six other countries. The program is constantly expanding. We offer:

• An entry-level 40- to 60-hour certificate program of the finest quality

• A respected name and credential

• Train-the-trainer programs

• Licensing for agencies and trainers to deliver the program

• Train-the-trainer programs for an add-on one-day workshop in medical terminology


THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER® program was spearheaded by Marjory Bancroft, MA, the founder and director of CCC. An immigrant to the U.S. who has lived in eight countries, Marjory is a respected author in the field, sits on international committees and keynotes widely at industry conferences. For more information about Marjory, click here.


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This program includes a certificate and is approved by the Washington State Dept. of Social and Health Services for 8 DSHS CECs, by the Maryland Court Interpreter Program for 40 CE credits and by the American Translators Association for 10 ATA CEPs.


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International Edition



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Cross-Cultural Communications is the only national training agency in the U.S. devoted to community interpreting and cultural competence. It is also the only organization that licenses community interpreter trainers across the U.S. and in other countries. For more information about Cross-Cultural Communications please visit www.cultureandlanguage.net.