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About THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER® International Edition: Training of Trainers

THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER® International Edition is the only national 40-hour licensed certificate program for community interpreting. This 42-hour Training of Trainers (TOT) licenses trainers across the U.S. and worldwide to deliver that program. THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER® and its TOT constitute the most comprehensive, in-depth program anywhere in the U.S. for trainers who seek to train community interpreters working in a broad spectrum of public and private services.


This dynamic, interactive TOT program emphasizes skills building, role plays, small group work, video vignettes, discussion and case studies. It is designed to train interpreters in health care, education and human and social services.


Since 2004, Cross-Cultural Communications has delivered its training-of-trainers (TOT) program for THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER® from Florida to California. It comes in two formats: a six-day format for those who have attended another 40-hour program but have NOT attended The Community Interpreter; and a four-day format for prior graduates of THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER®. The longer format begins with a special two-day compressed session of THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER®, followed by the regular four-day TOT. Any graduate of THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER® may attend the four day portion of the TOT without attending the two-day introductory session, at a lower cost.


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All successful graduates of either the four-day or six-day TOT program (and/or the agencies who send the trainers) will be eligible to become licensed to give sessions of THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER®. There is no charge for licensing. For details about licensing, please send us an email or call 410.312.5599.


THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER® International Edition is a unique program designed to be delivered either to interpreters who work in health care, schools or community services, or to interpreters who work in all three areas. For example, for one session a trainer might choose to present the program for a group of medical interpreters and target the curriculum to meet their needs. In another session, the trainer might choose to address educational interpreters alone. In addition, trainers who attend the TOT will be offered an optional curriculum for a one-day medical terminology workshop, including the trainer's handbook and participant workbook. At the licensed trainer's discretion, this medical terminology workshop may be presented in conjunction with, or separately from, THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER®.


Tuition covers licensing, two textbooks (one each for the medical and community interpreting versions of the program), the workbook, the instructor's guide, one copy of the Medical Terminology for Interpreters handbook for a separate one-day workshop and a pdf trainer's guide for the Medical Terminology workshop.


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This program includes a certificate and is approved by the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters for 12 CCHI CE hours and by the American Translators Association for 10 ATA CEPs.

The training comes with

an instructor's guide.

(Note: guide not sold separately)

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Cross-Cultural Communications is the only national training agency in the U.S. devoted to community interpreting and cultural competence. It is also the only organization that licenses community interpreter trainers across the U.S. and in other countries. For more information about Cross-Cultural Communications please visit www.cultureandlanguage.net.