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and other interpreting programs.

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and deliver a reliable, dynamic entry-level program of 40 to 60 hours.

You, too, can become a licensed trainer for THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER®

Separately, or as part of your license for THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER®, you can also be licensed to deliver our one-day medical terminology workshop, which uses our publication, Medical Terminology for Interpreters, 3rd edition, 2010.


You can also become licensed to deliver a three-day program on legal interpreting in community settings, THE LANGUAGE OF JUSTICE: the only national program for non-courtroom legal interpreting.


To apply for any of our interpreter train-the-trainer (TOT) programs, held publicly in Maryland and privately on contracts across the country, here are the qualifications required:

Be bilingual (ACTFL Advanced High/ILR 2+ or higher in      both languages)

Have interpreting experience

Hold a university degree

Have some adult education experience (e.g., interpreter training, ESL, conference presentations, etc)


If you meet most of these criteria but are missing one, send your resume to us and we’ll contact you to hold a screening call to determine if you should attend the TOT that interests you.


Below please find the minimum candidate requirements for interpreting TOTs.


College degree

Prior interpreter training (taking TCI counts)

Bilingual (ACTFL Advanced High/ILR 2+) with interpreting experience OR will attend the TOT with a co-trainer who IS bilingual with interpreting experience (the non-bilingual is then licensed only as an Assistant Trainer and must co-present the program with either the companion co-trainer or with another licensed trainer who is bilingual with interpreting experience)

Prior adult education experience, at a minimum something like conference presentations or language teaching.


However, if any of the four TOT requirements are missing, we carefully review those applications and make a case-by-case decision after a screening call.






If you want to know more about how licensing works, click here.


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Cross-Cultural Communications is the only national training agency in the U.S. devoted to community interpreting and cultural competence. It is also the only organization that licenses community interpreter trainers across the U.S. and in other countries. For more information about Cross-Cultural Communications please visit www.cultureandlanguage.net.