How Licensing Works


So you want to become a licensed trainer. Great! That’s easy. Here is all you have to do:

Attend the Training of Trainers (TOT) for the program that you want to be licensed to deliver.

Note:  If you attend the TOT for THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER®, you will automatically be licensed to deliver the one-day Medical Terminology for Interpreters workshop as well.


Review and sign the licensing agreement with Cross-Cultural Communications.


Nothing else. That’s it.


That’s right. No licensing fees. No renewal fees. You can give the program any time you wish to any audience you choose. You will print your own certificates for your candidates. You will have control of your programs and can even switch out some activities (for example, if you have your favorite ethics or medical terminology activity that you want to include instead of one of ours).


You are required to follow the structure and meet the objectives of the program, but otherwise you can exercise latitude and your good judgment as a trainer. The only requirement is to order one copy of the corresponding training manual or handbook for each participant (it is not legal to photocopy a book). However, you receive a substantial licensed trainer discount on most of our publications. To inquire about our trainer discounts, click here.




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About Cross-Cultural Communications

Cross-Cultural Communications is the only national training agency in the U.S. devoted to community interpreting and cultural competence. It is also the only organization that licenses community interpreter trainers across the U.S. and in other countries. For more information about Cross-Cultural Communications please visit