Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER®

1. When is your next training?

CCC hosts a session of THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER® INTERNATIONAL every spring, summer and fall (April, July and October) along with many other programs. See the current offerings here.


Our licensed trainers also host their own trainings across 34 US states, Washington DC, Guam, and six other countries. Search for a trainer near you.

2. How much does it cost to attend THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER® INTERNATIONAL?

The sessions of THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER® INTERNATIONAL that we host in Maryland cost $675 plus a $70 language testing fee (for the most frequently tested languages. Other languages may have a higher cost). For this price you get:

 • 40 hours of training by highly qualified trainers

 • A 453-page textbook: the best in the field (The Community Interpreter®: An International Textbook, 1st ed., 2015)

 • A 229-page workbook (The Community Interpreter®: An International Workbook of Exercises and Role Plays, 1st ed., 2015)

 • Breakfast and snacks for all five days

 • A 90 minute written final assessment

 • A half-hour oral proficiency interview in your non-native language conducted by the gold standard testing agency in the field:

Language Testing International

 • Your certificate


Sessions of THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER® hosted by our licensed trainers in 34 US states, Washington DC, Guam, and six other countries will vary in cost depending on the location and session.

3. Can I use the certificate I get for this program to apply for national medical interpreter certification in the U.S. through IMIA/NBCMI or CCHI?

Yes and no. Depending on which version of the program you were taught, you may have to ask us because some licensed trainers for our program do include medical terminology and do present THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER® INTERNATIONAL as an “all-medical” session and others do not. If not, you may need to take separate, additional training in medical terminology, which we provide. To find out if your certificate is adequate to apply for national medical interpreter certification, call the office at +1 410-312-5599 or send us an email. We’ll be happy to clarify.

4. After I take the program, will I be certified?

No. A training program certificate is not the same as certification. In fact, in the U.S. the certificate for a 40-hour training program is a prerequisite to apply for national medical interpreter certification.


In THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER® INTERNATIONAL we teach you about the difference between a certificate and certification. A good training is the beginning of certification, not the end, because after training you will need to take the written and oral exams of a properly credentialed certification program to become certified.

5. Is THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER® a medical interpreting program?

Yes and no. THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER® INTERNATIONAL was designed to address any one of, or all of, three target audiences: medical, educational and/or social services interpreters. Some of our trainers and we ourselves present all-medical sessions that include medical terminology training and others gear their programs to general community interpreting or a specialized audience, like educational interpreting.


To find out more, call our office at +1 410-312-5599 or send us an email. We’ll be happy to clarify.



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